FireTour: the missionary journey to re-ignite the Church.

by Pastor Mel & Pastor Kye

The Holy Spirit had His Way in Marseille!
The words of Acts 1:8 ring so true tonight-"...You shall receive power AFTER the Holy Ghost comes upon you...."  Tonight I taught on "Miracles: The Alarm Clock in the Awakening" at Pastor Marie-Helene's work Marseille, France. L'eglise La Grace Abondante (Abundant Grace Church), is about a 3 hour drive from where we are staying, but it is so beautiful. Castles, forests, ocean on the way. We had great fellowship with the Pastor en route.

We encountered quite a hungry and dynamic and hungry group upon arrival. In the congregation were people from: the West Indies, Israel, France, the USA, the Middle East...and almost all of them wanted to be used of God to awaken their nation. Many came forward to pledge that they would work with the Holy Ghost in Southern France, and that they would yield to and be stewards of His power!  They want to see miracles flow through their lives, and they want the people around them to be filled with His goodness. I expect great testimonies from this mtg!

Briefly, I touched on the Light of God shining on a dark continent- and how the people in the congregation were in fact possessors and distributors of that Light everywhere they  went. (Mt 5:14). These precious people don't have to shine, they just do it by virtue of the nature of God within them. And the darkness does not have the capacity to seize or overpower them at all! Not their family, their church, or their city. The same goes for you! Command the light to shine in every dark area around you, and then enter into rest- Just as God did in Genesis 1:3,4. You have His nature and His ability!

The culture here is much different than back at home. The people are much more reserved and quiet in their worship. But when the power of God was in the sanctuary, there was no denying that He was in control- and that it is His will to awaken the nations of the earth!

I must get to bed and prepare to minister in Central Nice tomorrow morning. Keep us in your prayers, things are definitely shaking and "awaking" in Europe! Full speed ahead, Buzz Lightyear.

The way to Marseille. (Mahr-Say). It rhymes with way!     

Magnifying God with one voice. 

We sang "O Dieu, tu es gran..." or "How great is our God", until our Great God showed up! And it was verrrrry real.

With translator/Pastor Marie-Helene      The church is still called to walk in the gifts of 1 Cor 12

  Many came forward to pledge that they would start fires in their city! Glow, Europe, glow!


This young man was new, but wanted God to use Him as soon as possible!

This precious lady received healing in her body!

Arrived in France. Meetings start tomorrow (today)
After a couple long flights and a connection in Brussels, we finally put our feet down on the French Riviera yesterday! It's beautiful as always here, with a temp of around 80 degrees. We had a day to relax, so Pastor Kylie and I walked around Nice for a few hours and sat by the Mediterranean Sea. This is a bustling tourist destination, along with quite a large population of locals. Pastor Marie-Helene Moulin is doing a great work...both here and in Marseilles.

As I looked at the people bustling past me on the streets (most people walk to their destinations), it rose up in my heart that although the land is beautiful and so are the people...there is a great darkness and emptiness in this country. Statistics say that less than 1% of everyone I saw has a relationship with God. Oh how we need His fire to fall, and miracles, signs and wonders to be loosed!!! Even though the statistics say that this is a pagan continent, the Truth says that darkness cannot overpower Light! (2 Cor 4:4-6)

In about 12 hours, we will be taking the 3 hr drive down the coast to Marseilles for the first service. So many things about the Light of God and this Awakening are stirring in my Spirit. All that can be done through the anointing, will be done through the anointing. In this, I trust and rely heavily on my best friend- the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few pics of the past couple of days. We met with Peggy Huneryager from Tulsa this evening. She is a missionary now to Europe, and will be here for the next month learning the French language. Keep her in your prayers, along with the churches here. Remember: We work 'til Jesus comes, then we're going home!

Getting ready to land in France.

We didn't eat here. But it was interesting that they have a McD's "walk-thru" instead of drive thru!

The offerings at a Patisserie. We just smelled the goodness :(

This is the rocky shore of the French Mediterranean.

PK by the Mediterranean.

PM by the Sea. Sounds like a song.

This is the road to Monaco:)

Since when did it become okay to skip the dress and wear 9 scarves??? No longer just the accent piece. The scarf IS the outfit! Lol;-)

Keep shaking the city where you live! Your prayers disturb the atmosphere!

We have the victory and are flying away!
Well- much has happened since we last wrote. I had a tooth that had been bothering me for some time- and after our Sunday meeting was over I decided to call a dentist to take a look at it.
He referred me to an oral surgeon, and a procedure was scheduled. I knew I "didn't feel right" that day, but I also know that I serve the Lord that Heals!

As I sat down in the chair for the procedure they said I lost consciousness. There was such a bad abscess in my tooth, it had spread into my blood stream. They were able to remove a lot of the infection, and I have a new 3 inch scar inside my mouth. But because my blood pressure wouldn't stay up and my heart rate was near 200, they said I was going into shock and decided to send me to the hospital. Pastor Kylie drove me (I don't do ambulances, lol) and they admitted me to do lots of tests and try to stop the infection before they said "it became unstoppable."

It didn't look like we were going to make this missionary trip to Europe, but I kept telling the doctors and nurses that my body was healing and I would be at the airport today! They just looked at me like I was out of my mind! But I was out of my mind- I was speaking from my Spirit! The tests showed that the infection had started to effect my throat and lungs but had not set up camp in my heart yet! (they did 3 echocardiograms to be sure.) Praise God!

After antibiotics & speaking the Word of God for 2 days, The light of God started to shine in me and on 5 South! (important reminder: this will work for you if you choose to really believe the Word with all of your heart and do not doubt. there is no place for "what if?" James 5 says a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. This definitely was not a time to be double-minded. I needed my body to stabilize!) I walked around the floor as much as I could, and prayed with nurses and the lady next to me who was scheduled for bypass surgery.

In the afternoon yesterday, they re-tested my blood and ultrasounds- and everything had started to return to normal! The infection had subsided in my body! I think the cardiologist, pulmonologist, and internal medicine doctors shocked themselves when they said I could go home in the evening! I wasn't suprised. In the wee hours of the morning at the hospital, when I was alone, I told the devil he could take those symptoms and run on down the road! My Jesus already took the sin and sickness of the world upon Himself on the cross. He died so that I would be healed spirit, soul and body. End of story.

So, here we are at the Chicago airport today- catching our flight to Brussels, Belgium. The fire of God and the miracles that have begun here in the US will continue and multiply overseas. This trip is a mandate from the Lord, and we will sound the alar for the awakening in every place we set our feet. The devil cannot abort this mission! Agree with us!

Brother Ron Smith and Pastors Bela and Christina were talking to me today and this was the word that came forth during prayer:

"Now you've doubled up. Now you'll have double. Satan is going to have to repay you double for your time. Yet, take the next 72 hours easy, rest your body and go slow. But after the 72 hours are up you will have double strength return to you as you minister.
There was a death warrant against you since Saturday- but it's been cancelled out in prayer. You are going to walk in a greater level then you have been to before and even greater than you have walked in when you and Kylie have been with your grandmother. You will return to these nations again and bigger fires will start.
But you are going into darker places, and that's why the strongman himself was sent against you to discourage you, then to destroy you- but you are stronger now, than you even were before. And you have absolutely taken him captive.
So now you will open your mouth an bring things up that are revelation words to the nations. And the greatest miracles will be ahead. You will have double the miracles, the increase, and the supply. Praise the Lord."

We love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers! Keep fueling the fire in America- see you in France tomorrow!

My nurse, Kaurus, saying goodbye as I left the hospital. I got her to say "Hallelujah" and raise one hand as I got out of the bed yesterday!

This is me at the Chicago airport. Going to do what God asked me to do. Any questions?

Disturb the Darkness and Shake your City! [pm & pk]

Sunday Service: The Chicago Meeting Wrap-Up
Oh what a day in the Lord! Brother Ron Smith taught today on times and seasons, and it was so rich!  He outlined Kronos vs. Kairos.
Kronos= Is the measurement of time that we live by. 60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week.
Kairos= The flow of time in the Spirit. He called it "space time". Or "supernatural time."

Sometimes it seems as if time (kronos) is passing slowly, but if you will wait on God, and value those seasons of preparation- before you know it you will have moved over into your time in the Spirit (kairos). A time of fruitful ministry, a time of operation in the power gifts and utterance gifts. Isaiah chapter 40, verse 31 is a good illustration of kronos and kairos.

Then he called me up, and had me finish out his want to talk about nervous??? This man of God was trained under Mom and Pop Goodwin, Haha! God is so good, I just opened my mouth and He filled it with His words. Many were imparted to, and stepped forward to surrender their lives fully to the Lord. If you ever want to know how to flow with the Holy Spirit in a service, get around Brother Ron. He knows the Spirit of God so intimately, it's just as simple as breathing to him.

Pastor Kylie sang another beautiful song today, these are the words that I remember:
"The Holy Ghost is your guide. And He is your teacher.
But you must be guidable. And pliable.
Learn to be sensitive to what He does..."

This was a great start to the FireTour. Pastor Kylie and I would not have been as prepared for Europe if we hadn't made this stop in Chicago. We received great confirmation, and even direction about the upcoming overseas trip! This is a new season. And definitely a day of His demonstration.

Both of us have chosen to exchange our understanding and power for God's understanding and power. Ours is so limited, and His is limitless. I look forward to greater intimacy with Him.

Here are some photos for all of you awesome people. Tomorrow is a day of rest!

Brother Ron Smith

Pastor Kylie & Danielle. This precious lady is happy and free!    Pastor Kylie & Teeny, the pastors' oldest daughter.

Lunch with Pastor Kylie, Brother Dale, Brother Ron, and me. Glad to have a spiritual father like him on the earth!

Day 4: PM Service
This will be a short post-  but I just wanted to let you know the impact of tonight's service here in Chicago.
Pastor Kylie was leading worship tonight (as she has grown very good at doing!) and stopped mid-song because she
felt in her spirit that the power of God was working at that moment to heal someone's feet! (This is not something that she does often). After she announced that, we continued on with worship, and the last song we played was "You are Awesome." It's a very simple refrain.

You are Awesome.
God of Power.
Lord of Glory.
Come and fill this place.

After several times through the chorus, the power of God began to build in that place! It was almost like you could hear it. "WHOOOOSH!"
Spiritual songs were sung, and the church erupted in running, walking, and marching around the sanctuary!! This lasted almost 20 minutes! There was such victory in that room. And it came as we magnified God in song. Not as we magnified the problems! 

But that wasn't the best part! When Brother Ron arose to minister, he said that when Pastor Kylie said that God was healing during worship, a fire begin to go through his feet. When the burning sensation left him, so did the pain that had bothered him for years. Praise God! He preached his sermon tonight absolutely pain free!!! Pastor Kylie yielded to what the Holy Spirit was saying, and now a dear man of God is walking in wholeness!!! This applies to your life, also. If you will surrender yourself to His leading, you and those around you will reap the benefits!

Brother Ron and I ministered together at the end of the service, and I want to leave you with this nugget of truth he shared today over lunch:

We say we are the New Testament Church. But the New Testament Church operated in power and demonstration of the gifts. 
We say we want to be like Jesus. But that means that we have to operate in power and demonstration of the gifts.
We have been taught much. Now it is time for us to go out and burn for God.

Let it be so.
Until next time...keep disturbing the darkness. And shaking the city! [pm& pk]

Day 4 AM: The forum on the Holy Spirit
This morning we had a roundtable discussion about the Holy Spirit (moderated by Brother Ron Smith), which Pastor Kylie and I ministered at. We had topics from the Word as it related to the gifts of the Holy Ghost, and spoke to an audience both in person and on the internet streaming. It was a first time for both of us to sit on a "panel" of some type, and I don't think either one of us knew what to expect!! But I tell you what, the Holy Ghost loves it when you talk about Him and glorify the Father! The spirit of God moved in that place in a way I have never seen and lifted everybody up!

We spoke about tongues and the interpretation of tongues, spiritual sensitivity to the Spirit of God, and took questions from the audience. They asked about topics ranging from prayer to visions. We searched out the Scriptures on certain subjects, spoke by inspiration and it was really good! At the end, the Lord used us to minister life to a few people...and all I can say is, you've gotta love the Spirit of Truth! I included a few pics for you of the Forum.

I'm off to get ready for tonight's service, we are doing worship at the beginning and then Brother Ron is speaking. If you don't know him, I highly suggest you watch tonight's 7:15 (cst) service online @ He served under Brother Hagin, Mama and Papa Goodwin, and other anointed ministers for many years- and he flows powerfully in the gifts of the Spirit. We need the wisdom that the men and women of his generation have to impart. Bless God.

Love to you all!

It was quite amazing to minister with Brother Ron Smith. We have learned to impart to people together, and it has been one of the delightful surprises of this missionary journey! 

Day 3: ...And we have overflow!
What can I say about today? God is faithful. He has always been faithful. He will always be faithful.

Amazing things started happening @ lunch! The pastors took us to an Indian restaurant and right off the bat
one of the waiters asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I was a minister of the Gospel. He immediately told me that
he wanted to talk to me because I was on the wrong path! He told me that God's name was not God, and the Jesus
we believed in was simply a good man. We talked on and off for about 15 minutes. I ministered to him
about the love of God and explained that the man he called by another name was actually Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Who came to the earth,
died for our sins, and rose again victorious. We asked if we could pray for him, and he we were surprised that he agreed!

He asked us to pray to our God to free him from a gambling addiction! We did, right there in the restaurant during lunch hour.
The waiter even bowed his head and prayed with us. Then he said nothing ever changes when people prayed with him, but he
expected something different this time. Praise God! I know tonight that our dear friend, Arif, is free and on his way to serving the Lord!

The precious Holy Spirit definitely showed up in Illinois tonight, and I could feel Him from the moment I walked out
of the hotel room this evening. I continued teaching on power and the fire as they relate to the awakening. Before I could 
even start, the Lord ministered to several people, and while I was ministering there was a fountain bubbling 
up that I had never experienced before. It felt as if the room was charged with electricity!

Afterwards, I had the high honor of doing altar ministry with Brother Ron Smith. He was an associate pastor with Papa and
Mama Goodwin for many years. He is one of the last of a generation that knows the person and power of the Holy Spirit intimately.
I cannot tell you the quiet strength of the anointing that flows from him. It is one of the most powerful I have EVER encountered.
It will be a privilege to minister with and learn from him in the coming days.

Tonight, deaf ears were opened.
Tonight, weak legs were made strong.
Tonight, many received financial miracles.
Tonight, families were restored.
Tonight, heaven was open.

And a raging fire was started.

After all, Jesus came to set the earth on fire. (Luke 12:49). It is just a complete blessing to be a part of His team.
Look at Him go!

Here are a few pics that I haven't posted the past few days, one from tonight. More to come. Love you guys.
Keep disturbing the darkness and shaking the city you live in! [pm & pk]

Preaching on The Fire of God                                                         The men and trucks of the Chicago F.D.

The famous "El" trains downtown.                                                In front of the famous Lou Malnati's pizza yesterday. Good salad dressing!

I thought I was on the set of "ER" for a moment.

Day 2: Things are shaking, and people are awakening...
Well, I am very, very sleepy...but I wanted to update you all our first night of meetings here in Chicago-land. We had an awesome service at Rivers of Restoration! There was a full house, and the presence of God was very evident from the first chords of worship. {Pastor Kylie thursday night serviceministered powerfully in music!} It was like a fog of His glory was hanging over the building. I kid you not. Pastors Bela and Christina Megyery are truly sweet people, and they lead a congregation of people who are hungry for the move of the Spirit.

I kicked off the conference speaking about the church being adorned with the gifts of the spirit. Just laying a foundation for what is coming down the pipeline. 1 Corinthians, chapter 12 lists the gifts if you would like to check them out...

4Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

 5And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.

 6And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.

 7But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.

 8For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

 9To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

 10To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:

 11But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

This is what you should look like! You may have one gift, you may have operated in all nine- as the Spirit wills. But this is not a time to be ashamed of the working of the Holy Spirit, or just amass more knowledge of the Word without demonstration of it's POWER. We read about the church in Acts walking in these gifts, and it is certainly the will of God for the church today as well. We are supposed to go from glory to glory- not backwards to the point where we feel compelled to create computer-effect driven signs and wonders.

The Lord spoke to my heart several days ago and said "It will take a miracle to awaken the nations." He wasn't being sarcastic. But it made me to realize that if you are to awaken someone from sleep, usually you will need an alarm clock. It isn't any different with the nations of this world.

Our alarm clock = Miracles, signs, wonders.
The power for our alarm clock= continued, effectual prayer.

Yes, it will take submission of our flesh,  surrender to the Holy Spirit, and the decision to walk in humility before God and boldness before man, in order to see the power of God flow through the Body as never before. But on a basic level, Norvel Hayes said in his book, The Gift of the Working of Miracles that in order to have a miracle, you must believe that you can have a miracle. Step out in boldness!

The world is waiting.

We are ministering tomorrow night as well. Keep us in your prayers. We are believing that all present will be saturated with His power.

Keep disturbing the darkness & shaking the city. [pm & pk]

Birthday Nite on the Fire Tour!
This is the first time for both of us in downtown Chicago (outside of O' Hare airport)! The Magnificent Mile is a shoppers paradise, if you have time. For Pastor Kylie's birthday party, we hit the Melting Pot fondue restaurant (with great diet restraint)...and had an amazing experience! Included some pics for you all.

We had a chance to show the love of God to our bus boy, it looked like he had been through the ringer during his young life. You could tell that it suprised him that we even noticed him- or took the time to minister to his needs. Remember to grab ahold of the blessing tonight so you can bless somebody else tomorrow!

I am signing off- must prepare myself for an encounter with God in these meetings. Good night all!

Day 1: And...we're off!
Today we traded in the beauty of the Ozark Hills in Missouri for 540 miles of asphalt! This is what Brother Hagin called "hitting the gospel trail!" For the first time since HopeCenter opened it's doors, we will be away for more than a week...and truthfully it's bittersweet, like the first time you leave town w/o your child!

This is a travel day, and we stopped in St.Louis for a quick lunch. (On the food note, we drove down Euclid Lane, near Barnes Jewish Hospital, and they have loads of cute patio eateries. I have to check that out one day. You should, too!)

In any event, we arrive in Chicago tonight, and should have a day of rest before the meetings start tomorrow evening at the Megyery's church. Both of us have a great sense of expectation regarding these services, and are believing that God's presence is going to show up in Illinois!

We are expecting the working of miracles by the Holy Spirit, because God said they belong the church...1 Cor 12. Pray with us over the next few weeks that the power of God will "shake" and "awake" everywhere we go.

Happy birthday to Pastor Kylie!

Until next time,
Disturb the Darkness and Shake the City! [acts17.6-8]


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