FireTour: the missionary journey to re-ignite the Church.

by Pastor Mel & Pastor Kye

Hold on Tight...
Hold on tight HopeCenter and Friends of the Believing Kind.

The way we "do" church is going to change that our Body moves consistently with the Head.
You know...
Jesus Christ?
The Way He spoke.
The Way He moved.
Who He cared about.
How He Prioritized...
How He Loved.

I've traveled through most of the United States, and I've learned what we call "successful evangelism" or "self-aggrandizing Christianity" in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri...isn't making a dent in the kingdom of darkness on the coasts. The men & women of this era want the presentation of results- and the production of what we promise.

In the words of a friend, this is where the rubber meets the road for us.

Either show them there is a way out of their trash heap and into God's glorious light (a.k.a. "Awakening")...or go home.

We must reassess whether Jesus is shining through us creatively, powerfully, and truthfully...and if He's being presented effectively & successfully to people in our metropolitan centers.

Are we freely and accurately portraying and conveying Jesus' Love?

Are we spending the money to package and move the Gospel in a way that blue collar workers, intellectuals, college students, and single moms of the post 1950's world can receive it?

Some of you might say "Well, I honestly don't care if the liberals or the politicians know the Love of God." But if we live in submission to the Great Law of Love (Love God + Love People, Matt.22), should we not be absolutely compelled to fulfill the Great Commission? Chomping at the proverbial Mark 16:15 bit to "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone?" Beginning in our neighborhoods, and then launching into everyman's atmosphere?

Christian TV shows cannot reach the whole world & auto-reap our harvest.

As I walk the streets of California, I saw desperate prostitutes and rich couples driving Bentley's.
Scores of people in China Town buying fresh vegetables next to a beautiful Buddhist temple.
Surfers catching morning waves, and skinny models at juice bars.
"Average Joe's" on their way to a Giant's game...shouting profanity.

And in the midst of this, an "Aha!" moment came to me.
I realized that most people outside of the Bible Belt don't even know or care who our faith "superstars" are.
I realized that our prayer groups and Holy Ghost Hours" are not the sole keys to awakening.
They are meant to be the impetus behind the awakening.
I realized that our boots are going to have to hit the ground.
And the imprint better look like LOVE.

Tell me, what exactly is all of this prayer fuel for...if we're not actually going to drive the car somewhere??
Why are we amped up when we leave church?
That surge of power has to be for more than just fighting ur personal battles and giving us an emotional "high".

Let us become less judgmental...and more World-view oriented.
Commission minded.
Love driven.

A friend in Hawaii said it this way- Battles for territory & kingdoms are not won in castles (or sanctuaries). At some point, if you want to take ground, the troops have to step onto the battlefield.

We have not won the war or realized our purpose because we understand faith, righteousness, healing and prosperity. Phil Driscoll said in 2008, "When I hit a high note on my trumpet or play a beautiful melody, I don't stop there. My attitude must always declare, I can go higher. I must go higher. I have not arrived yet!"

The problem ensues, Church, when we think we've done something special and have arrived.
We have a certain number of people in our churches.
Successful seminars.
Have become functional knowledge whores.
Or someone liked my song and sermon.

No, friend.
God measures success by treasures in earthen vessels.
Souls saved.

So, with that in view-
We have yet to "arrive".

Let's ask the Lord to help us to bring real experiences with His Love outside of our church walls.

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