FireTour: the missionary journey to re-ignite the Church.

by Pastor Mel & Pastor Kye

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Day 4 AM: The forum on the Holy Spirit
This morning we had a roundtable discussion about the Holy Spirit (moderated by Brother Ron Smith), which Pastor Kylie and I ministered at. We had topics from the Word as it related to the gifts of the Holy Ghost, and spoke to an audience both in person and on the internet streaming. It was a first time for both of us to sit on a "panel" of some type, and I don't think either one of us knew what to expect!! But I tell you what, the Holy Ghost loves it when you talk about Him and glorify the Father! The spirit of God moved in that place in a way I have never seen and lifted everybody up!

We spoke about tongues and the interpretation of tongues, spiritual sensitivity to the Spirit of God, and took questions from the audience. They asked about topics ranging from prayer to visions. We searched out the Scriptures on certain subjects, spoke by inspiration and it was really good! At the end, the Lord used us to minister life to a few people...and all I can say is, you've gotta love the Spirit of Truth! I included a few pics for you of the Forum.

I'm off to get ready for tonight's service, we are doing worship at the beginning and then Brother Ron is speaking. If you don't know him, I highly suggest you watch tonight's 7:15 (cst) service online @ He served under Brother Hagin, Mama and Papa Goodwin, and other anointed ministers for many years- and he flows powerfully in the gifts of the Spirit. We need the wisdom that the men and women of his generation have to impart. Bless God.

Love to you all!

It was quite amazing to minister with Brother Ron Smith. We have learned to impart to people together, and it has been one of the delightful surprises of this missionary journey! 

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God moves everywhere!

This is great, you're ministering and getting to see France, as well, awesome..looking forward to when yo ucome to Australia next year?


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